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Childish Gambino airs frustration over "Sweatpants" video

Childish Gambino took to Twitter yesterday took tell the people that the recently aired video "Sweatpants" was mishandled along with his new blog following his Deep Web Tour which can viewed here


SZA - Z (Album Review)


When we first saw SZA it was during the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards during the TDE Cypher and everybody was wondering who she was. She is a 23 year old from New Jersey, who released two independent EPs. In 2012 she releasedSee.SZA.Run and in 2013 she released S. Later in 2013 SZA became the first lady of Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) and no she isn’t a rapper but a soulful spiritual singer.

A lot of fans been waiting and finally she released her third EP on April 8, 2014, Z. The 10 tracked EP features; Chance The Rapper and two of TDE’s very own Isaiah Rashad and Kendrick Lamar. She has a lot of different producers on her album including Emile Haynie (responsible for Kanye West’s “Runaway” and a lot of Kid Cudi’s production) and a couple of tracks from Mac Miller otherwise known as "Larry Fisherman".

SZA describes her music as “glitter trap,” she explains how she loves music and doesn’t want to be categorized in any type of genre or put in any kind of box and she proves that with the different sounds she usesOn tracks like, “Green Mile” and “Shattered Rings” there is a gothic, punk sound and then later using a sample from Marvin Gaye’s “Mandota,” on the album’s second single, “Sweet November.”

That is not the only thing that makes her unique but the mystery in her lyrics and her play on words. Like the artistsThe Weeknd and Frank Ocean, you can feel the emotion they are trying to show you through their music. The words that they sing make you think about what they are saying, makes you want to know more and just simply want more music.

In her first single, “Babylon,” featuring Kendrick Lamar she sings “bring on the thorny crown/crucify me.” She has these deep symbolic lyrics that can either catch you off guard or can be very relatable.

On the track HiiJack”, produced by Toro Y Moi, SZA sings, “Sometimes I keep you in my mind/Sometimes I let you go up high/I’m using everything I find/Do anything to keep you tied up.” She talks aboutnot letting go of an ex-love she had, which is a something almost every female can relate to. Another very relatable song is the track produced by Mac Miller, “U R”, a creative way for saying ‘you are’, she sings, “Superficial, Superwoman/Aint you tired of that wind in your face.” Explaining how women can put up a big front making it seem like they can handle everything and that everything is ok when in reality it isn’t.

The future for SZA is looking brighespecially if she continues to stay consistent with making music that she wants to do and with the support of the growing empire TDE.

Rate Scale: 1 to 5

Content/Lyrics: 4 Production: 3.5 Originality/Delivery: 4 Hooks: 2.5  Overall: 3.5



1. U R (Prod. by Larry Fisherman)
2. Childs Play f/ Chance The Rapper (Prod. by XXYYXX & Dae One)
3. Julia (Prod. by Felix Snow)
4. Warm Winds f/ Isaiah Rashad (Prod. by Larry Fisherman & Antydote)
5. HiiiJack (Prod. by Toro Y Moi)
6. Green Mile (Prod. by Emile)
7. Babylon f/ Kendrick Lamar (Prod. by DJ Dahi)
8. Sweet November (Prod. by Marvin Gaye
9.  Shattered Ring (Prod. by Emile)
10. Omega Prod. by Emile

Submitted by @_autumnsimone follow her on Twitter

Recap: Pharrell Williams and Nas Full Sets Coachella: Day 2

Chuck Inglish - Convertibles (Album Review)

Chuck Inglish   


We all remember Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks, the Chicago rap-duo, The Cool Kids. They created great music and the 1980s played a huge influence on their tyle of rap and fashion, it  worked for a minute but then soon that faded and so did they as a group.

Chuck Inglish still wanted to make music coming out with a few mixtapes and then finally dropping his solo album, Convertibles, on April 8, 2014. Consisting 13 songs that were coproduced by Mike Eizinger (the guitarist from the rock band, Incubus) and featuring artists like Ab-Soul, Mac Miller, Action Bronson, BJ TheChicago Kid, Chance The Rapper, and many more.

Of course, Mikey Rocks had to make an appearances and give us a taste of The Cool Kids on “Swervin.”  On the track “Money Clip” Chuck reminds us how he can take your girl, how he is the freshest and how he is just simply better than you. It seems like everybody had to have a dance record and mention women twerking and provided that with his track. In the song “Ingles (Mas O Menos),” you can tell by the title there is some Spanish influence.

Chuck wanted to add more depth to his music and you can see that on songs likeLegs” and “Elevators,” and especially on “Glam,” one of my favorite songs.Glam. ends the album featuring all Chicago artists except Inglish of course; Chance The Rapper, Donnie Trumpet, and Macie Stewart. The only thing that matters on this song is the hook, “God loves all my niggas,” that is sung by Chance and the different horns played by Donnie, the soulful soundMacie sings in the background, and the guitar played by Mike. This track shows how Chuck Inglish is exploring with different genres throughout the album and how he doesn’t mind giving other artists their time to shine. Just like on the 2 minute, no hook track, “Game Time” featuring Action Bronson. Action rapped first and had the better verse. This also could be said for one of the singles off the album, “Came Thru/Easily” featuring Ab-Soul and Mac Miller. It had a nice beat to it and every rapper brought their own style to the track but the features were just better on the song than Chuck. The video makes you like the song more. It shows the three having fun and enjoying their time together.

Chuck Inglish always makes you feel cool and relaxed and with beats that you can bounce and nod your head to. He is definitely underrated, especially when it comes to his beat making. His lyrics were never too technical but we knew that and liked him for that. On this album I love how he continues to take risks with his music which shows through his production and features.

Rate Scale: 1 to 5

Content3 Production: 4 Originality /Delivery4 Hooks: 3  Overall: 3.5



1. Elevators f/ Buddy & Polyester The Saint

2. Swervin' f/ Sir Micheal Rocks & Polyester The Saint

3. Legs f/ Chromeo

4. Came Thru/Easily f/ Ab-Soul & Mac Miller

5. Attitude f/ BJ The Chicago Kid

6. Ingles (Mas O Menos) f/ Cap Angles

7. Money Clip f/ Vic Mensa, Retch, Hassani Kwess & Sulaiman

8. Prism f/ Jade Hurturo

9. Gametime f/ Action Bronson

10. H.M.U.

11. Sh*tty Lullaby f/ Sabi

13. Dreamy

12. Glam f/ Chance The Rapper

Submitted by @_autumnsimone follow her on Twitter